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BACH INDUSTRY AG was established in 2020 by enterpreneuers and managers, from different industrial sectors, with the aim to merge their know how and technologies and create a flexible and dynamic Company, able to offer a wide range of products and services. Our mission is to establish a fully cooperative relationship together with our Customers, providing high quality products within the established deadlines andsharing their challenges for new products development and continuous improvement of their Supply Chain.


Heinz Krähenbühl
+41 79 435 31 61


Despite its young age, BACH INDUSTRY AG boasts a long experience and industrial tradition derived from the professional paths and the high level of management and technical qualifications of its Team as well as the high technological level of the sister Company.

Certified 3D Measurement

Oversized workpieces can be measured with us through an aisle. If a sophisticated rail system is in place, an elevator will save time and money, without compromising on quality. The same parameters will be used for the permanent data and with measurement protocols rights.

  • X: 4'000 mm - Y: 9'000 mm - Z: 2'500 mm
  • Highest precision
  • Logging of the data
  • Time and cost efficient
Large parts processing

Large parts processing is our passion. We have been dealing with this topic for years and have rights in these technology settings. In production, the workpieces will continuously work towards their dimensional accuracy, standards and tolerances. We are also interested in the following approaches:

  • Associated, qualified and long-term employees
  • Processing of large cubic parts up to 15.8 x 4.4 x 2.8 m
  • Handling and processing of large parts up to 50 tons
  • Fast data exchange thanks to the latest 3D simulation systems
  • Faster data exchange thanks to customer login and download database
  • 5-axis machining
  • Different industry experience with contracts and demanding solutions
  • Broad and proven sorting network for repairs from a single source
Engineering and Production

Precision is not just a catchphrase for us - precision is lived with us every day. During the offer phase, we consult with your specialists in order to determine the required accuracy with the most optimal production technology.
Flexibility - one of the most important features of Bach-Industry AG. With us you benefit from the following advantages:

  • Experienced, qualified and long-term employees
  • All machines are equipped with the most modern radio buttons
  • Regular measurement of the entire machine park
  • Controlled temperature of the production hall
  • The foundations of the machining centers were designed with sufficient reserves
  • Faster data exchange thanks to the most modern 3D simulation systems
  • Faster data exchange thanks to customer login and download database
  • 5-axis machining
  • short lead times
  • Shift work / weekend and special assignments
Simultanous Milling

We rely on the most modern technologies. We use TopSolid, an integrated CAD / CAM solution for the design and manufacture of any geometries and assemblies. TopSolid provides a digital process chain with the help of which data can be imported, and parts and assemblies can be designed, dimensioned, modified, industrialized, simulated, manufactured and controlled. With us you also benefit from the following advantages:

  • Support and advice on complex processing forms
  • Shorter lead times for model tests (calculations, kinematics, dynamics)
  • Modeling of all types of components
  • Comprehensive technical data management
Serial Production

Optimized process structures and machining centers with pallet changers are important prerequisites for competitive series production. With us you also benefit from the following advantages:

  • Experienced, qualified and long-term employees
  • Machining centers with pallet changer
  • Simplest, precise clamping systems
  • Large, fully automated tool magazines
  • All machines are equipped with the most modern radio buttons
  • Faster data exchange thanks to the most modern 3D simulation systems
  • Faster data exchange thanks to customer login and download database
  • 5-axis machining
Prototyping and Reverse Engineering

By involving our specialists at an early stage, we guarantee you the simplest solutions at fair market prices. Short lead times (even for large parts) and short communication channels are two of the most important strengths of our company.

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Deviations from the standards are physiologically present in all commercial activities, at all levels, as these are made up of people. It is our belief that errors are not a synonym of inefficiency but an excellent possibility of improvement. However, it is important to avoid repeating the error!

BACH INDUSTRY AG is your supplychain Partner.

Root cause analysis, Containment Actions and permanent corrective actions

Thanks to our experience and passion for details, we would be happy to support you in the analysis of non-conformities, analyzing with you the causes, the containment actions and the implementation of permanent corrective actions, to permanently eliminate the problem in the future, by using the 8D method; also including a management of the process control tools lile DFMEA - PFMEA - SPC - Control Plans and Check Lists.

Product and Process Audit

It is very important to share your processes with a third party. Any shortcomings can be identified more easily by sharing expériences and know how ; new ideas or proposals for improvement can emerge. We can help you with this too. If you need to obtain an ISO9001 - ISO14001 certification, undergo a surveillance audit or auditing an internal process rather than a supplier, perhaps following a non-conformity or a new process / product.

Retrofit and Sorting

It may happen that you need to check special materials or select potentially non-compliant materials from a production batch. This implies additional costs, since it is a deviation from the standard and a large use of useful resources employed in activities not within their competence. We are able to offer you assistance in this, establishing selection criteria, reporting and qualified personnel to carry out the necessary checks.

Logistic and Warehouse

The problem of space is known to all of us. For this reason, BACH INDUSTRY AG has decided to invest in 600 square meters of dedicated warehouse area. In this way, it is therefore possible to support our customers with different logistic solutions such as collection of different products to be shipped, in a single solution, to the final destination; retrofit management; consignment stock; management of predefined modules.

Luzernstrasse 86
CH-4950 Huttwil
+41 79 435 31 61


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